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Husband and wife relationship

Wickedness Or Heartlessness: What Will You Do If You Were In This Man's Shoes?

Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed by both husband and wife and been bound together as one for the rest of their life on earth. 

Meeting your partners needs is one key that sustains and holds the foundation of marriage if it will last for a longer period. 

Sexual needs plays a pivotal role in the marriage life of couples, failure to either satisfy or meet this all important need drives the marriage into taters hence crashes the marriage on a rock. 

A picture having a couple lying in bed with what can be best described as a wooden barrier with protruding nails fixed on the wooden board has got social media [Facebook] wondering.

How on earth must this be practised in a home between two persons that agreed to walk together in a love life.  

What triggered this act and who generated this surprising idea has been on the thinking mind on whoever took a look at the picture. 

From a careful look it be deduced that the man was the one been punished by the woman by dividing their matrimonial bed with a protruded nail wooden barrier. 

What will you do as a man should your wife or partner does this to you? 

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