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Behind the Scene of Hollywood Movies, See How Green Screen is used in Films.

Visuals has become the common tool of communication in the world today, being it a movie, Advert, short film or documentary. Most of the times we see certain visuals or effect in movies and we began to wonder how this scene made, there are a lot of Hollywood movies which has some mind blowing scene happening in the film.

Well about 90% of those things you see in movies are not real, and it's almost impossible for one to detect that a scene in a movie is fake.

People may have seen or heard of Green screen in movie making, but don't understand how it works, well as a professional video editor myself am going to show you how the Green screen is used in movies.

The purpose of the green screen is to change the background of a character. For instance if a scene demands characters standing Infront of a mountain and the director can't find one, or get a mountain of his choice to suit what he wants, they use a green screen and let the characters act Infront of it.

After the footages are sent to post production in plane words editing bench, that's where the editors get rid of the Green screen and replace it with a background to suit the Director. Animation and other 3D Models can also be inserted to make it more realistic. Technology has really advanced and things can easily be created with 3D Softwares to look real.

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