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Date Rush: What happened to Prince this time around?

Today is another great and wonderful week as one controversial and most talked about show in Ghana, Date Rush hits our screens. Season 5 of Date Rush is a whole new level because this time around, it is gentlemen who are lined up for a lady to come on stage to choose from. Date Rush is making waves as far as entertainment is concerned.

Prince is a handsome Nigerian guy who is part of the men who are looking for love. He was present on the first episode and he made a lot of revelations concerning his relationship life. According to Prince, he likes women who are 'busty' with huge hips. He got time to explain and describe the type of lady he wants in terms of physique. He made us known in the first episode.

But today's episode, Prince was all over Nora the very moment she came on stage. From the first video to the last one, Prince's rush was on which indicates he was into Nora. The point here is that, Nora isn't busty so it is quite surprising that he made that statement in the first episode but put his rush on for her. At the end of the show, Nora chose him to go on a romantic date with him. Well, Prince is the only person who can best explain why he was into Nora while she was not having the qualities he claimed he wants in a woman.

Now, someone who said last week that he likes ladies with boobs is now saying different thing altogether. He is saying he likes the colour of Nora but Nora is slim and not having boobs as he was saying. Prince said Nora is a perfect match for him so we pray everything goes well for them.

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