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Woman cries after finding her boyfriend's 'Secret Wedding' with another woman

Woman cries after finding her boyfriend's 'Secret Wedding' with another woman 

A 27-year old woman has been crying after she found out her boyfriend of three years was about to marry another woman. Nana Yaa who has been going out with Cephas Koobi never knew the lad could betray her after she gave him everything a woman was to give to her man. Nana Yaa in 2018, had nowhere to go since her family wasn't financially stable and was struggling over some things. She met Cephas Koobi when she was on her way to deliver some items to a dealer of her mothers. The mother is a trader who deals in clothes and other materials. She takes her goods from a British citizen who lives and works in Kumasi. The woman who is British by naturalization goes and returns from England every there months, and comes with stocks of laces, clothes, and other London and British goods. Nana Yaa's mother takes all her deals from the British woman on credit and delivers her the money back to her whenever she is done with the sales. And that has been their mode of business, ever since they started working together three years ago. Nana Yaa was to deliver an undisclosed amount to the dealer after her mother finished selling the goods, which were taken on credit, and on her way going, she met Cephas Koobi who tried to take her number.

Nana Yaa went away without giving him the number just for the young man to wait for her, on the same route he saw her. Nana Yaw on her return from the dealer's house met Cephas again on the same junction who forced her to fit the number, and the two became friends who were so much inseparable. Their friendship was even envied by others who wanted to exhibit the kind of relationship and care the two had for each other. Cephas in 2019, found out Nana Yaa had powerful grades and couldn't continue her education to the tertiary level. Cephas through his contacts was able to secure last-minute admission for Nana Yaa in 2019 August, when nursing admissions were almost closing. 

Cephas helped her get all the needed items she required to go to school, and paid for everything for her, whiles Nana's parents took care of the other related bills. Nana started schooling at a nursing and midwifery training school in Ashanti Region, and never did she played with her education. She made sure to prove her brain capacity to Cephas who had struggled to send her to school. Nana was among the first three in her class from level one to level two, and never in any of those semesters, did she even became third or beyond. It was either first or second, so she can prove her worthy brains to Cephas and her parents.

Never did any of those years they were together, Cephas made her feel that he was with other women or had different plans with other women. Nana Yaa knew Ceohas was her man, and she was going to be her wife one day and trusted him with everything she had in mind. She even sent him her monthly allowances which were given to them at the school, so Cephas can start looking for something to do with the money. Cephas bought land with the money and went ahead to build a three-bedroom house on it. Nana knew that was going to be their one day marital home and kept supporting her man, and even denied herself certain things like eating three times a day, and told Cephas to direct the money to something else so they can secure their future.

Cephas never discussed marriage plans with Nana Yaa, but it was clear for Nana that, they will one day end up getting married. Nana had a midterms break ok Friday, and decide to go spend it with Cephas. She has been living with him since Friday she came back from campus for the midterm break. She heard Cephas singing a song which she liked, and Cephas requested her to check his phone for it. Nana after finding the song, went through the phone looking at pictures and videos, and it was there she found out, Cephas is preparing to get married this month, the 23 and 24 of April 2021. Traditional marriage on Friday 23 and white marriage on Saturday the 24 of April 2021.

Cephas has already planned everything out with her wife to be, and they were in the process of inviting others to the program. Nana Yaa felt heartbroken this morning, and packed her things and left Cephas apartment to her parent's house. Nana has been crying all morning, for the harm Cephas has done to her. She feels betrayed, neglected and sad over what she did wrong, which would make Cephas abandon her and marry another person. Cephas knows nothing about what Nana Yaa has seen, and she has since not reported what she saw to him and neither has Cephas dared to tell Nana Yaw he is planning to get married to another woman.

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