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Why Accept Free Covid Vaccines as a Poor Country; Spiritually Makes You a Slave - Quotation Master

African Traditional spiritualist, practitioner, advocate and teacher, Nana Kwaku Peprah who is also commonly called Quotation Master or Lucifer or Ayaaba has pointed out that, the habit of Ghana always receiving freebies and loans from other countries would continue to make us poor and subservient to those countries. 

He noticed that, Ghana cannot accept the tag as a poor country and when free vaccines are being supplied to poor countries our name is mentioned as one of those countries.

"Whites have learnt spirituality and it is through that which they are using to conquer us. That is the reason why they are always giving us loans. The more they give us loans, the more they make us slaves" he claimed.

In exemplifying what he meant by that, Kwaku Peprah narrated that, when the Covid vaccines were ready and the advance countries decided to supply third world countries or poor countries with some, Ghana was part.

"When I heard that, I was shocked and I cringed. That Ghana is a poor country? Really, and we accept that tag and we think it is nothing? That we are being made slaves and we thinking is nothing?"

In addition, he said, "We've gold, diamond, oil and someone describes us as poor and we accept? Then we shall continue to be poor" he put forward.

According to him, how come in our individual lives, when one says your child shall be poor, then we vehemently reject outrightly using the name of Jesus, but when it comes to the nation, we accept that we are poor. "Then we shall continue to be poor. Why do we accept anything the white man says about us" he quizzed angrily.

Quotation Master was speaking to Rev. Nyansa Boakwa on his 'Nsem Pii' show on Happy FM monitored on Happy TV on YouTube.

In concluding he counseled Ghanaians not to accept any tag or label given to us by white people. It is an error for us to be tagged us poor people and accept same. 

Content created and supplied by: DCKWAMEKWAKYE (via Opera News )

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