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Chereponi Based Artists That You Need To Know

Entertainment personalities In Chereponi Music industry.

Chereponi is blessed with talented musicians who are not recognize in the country.

Some of them have composed a lot of songs here in chereponi, they have both received few awards and nominations for their hard work done.

They have featured with a lot of big artists in the northern part of the country Ghana.

The image shown above is Freekanjo and Buba Iboss respectively . They are the trending artists in chereponi now.

There are several artists in the community but this two people are the dominating in the area. They have large base of funs across the region that is north east region of Ghana but yet they not recognize in the country. They have what it takes to be a musician. They got talent and any other things you can think of.

This artists need recognisation and this is the time for them to showcase their abilities to the world.

For more information about this artists follow me on: [email protected]

Content created and supplied by: Abochiharuna (via Opera News )

Buba Iboss Chereponi Freekanjo


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