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Divorce Affair

If you’re rich, a woman will never cheat on you – Lady says

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to express her opinion about rich men and cheating.

According to her, no woman will ever cheat on you if you're financially stable.

She revealed this in a series of tweets on her Twitter page.

Read her post below

”If you’re rich, a woman will never cheat on you, period”

Even though she felt certain that her assertion was on point, some social media users did not agree with it.

This sparked lot's of controversies on Twitter

Read their comments below

@baddestcash_ said; Money doesn’t keep a woman. They will still cheat with a guy they will be funding with that your wealth

@sobadimu said; She’s likely to cheat (because, as a rich man, you’ll be very busy and possibly travelling) but she’ll try as much as possible to hide it from you. But she won’t leave your house. No woman leaves a rich man for a poorer person. She’ll rather chop outside and ‘clean mouth’…..

@foxydnaa said; i don’t think will smith agrees with this one

@SonofMuchacha said; Lol. People don’t understand that it is not in your power in any way to control your partner cheating or not. If you like be rich, sexually powerful, religious, flexy, if she go cheat, she go cheat. If she won’t, she won’t. And vice versa.

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