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No Hip Pad This Time- Benedicta Gafah Shows Her Natural Assets in a Fresh Photos.

No hip pad this time – Benedicta Gafah shows her natural ‘assets’ in a fresh photo and they are still huge than we thought

Actress Benedicta Gafah after coming under scrutiny for being a usual hip pad user has posted a fresh photo of her natural assets to quash everyday rumors that she always wears a hip pad. Actress benedicta gafah is one of the most beautiful lady in Ghana movie industry, she recently released photos of her self .

There have been countless unusual instances where her hip pad shifted or traced within her clothes thus making Ghanaians tagging her as the ‘queen of hip pad’.

This time, Benedicta Gafah went natural and apparently, she wore no hip pad.

Regardless, she appeared to look nice at the ‘back’ – This raises questions as to why she is so much interested in pimping her back with hip pad.

Below is the photo:

Like this:


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Benedicta Gafah


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