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How To Use Snail Shell To Break Away Spirit Of Delayed

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My brethren, my name is Mr. Fred and I come your way again with one powerful spiritual direction, this directions is to help you to break away spirit of delay out from your life.

Before I will continue to let you know this powerful directions, please ask yourself how old are you? When was the last time you saw your age mate with an expensive car, your age mate whom have gotten marriage, when you saw them, what came into your mind?

Sometimes you sat the same classroom with them , learn the same subject but how come he or she is far gone than you. This is called delaying spirit. You can testify to yourself that you are very beautiful or handsome but still the marriage and the money is not coming. How can a man or a woman like you don't have even GHS1000 in your account. This is called spirit of delay, the spirit has delayed you and your income as well.

Things have delayed in your life which you don't understand some certain things.But don't worry my dear, am here to solve all this spiritual problems and things will be fine for you after you have finished the directions.Snails are animals that move slowly , if your life move like a snail, how can you move faster? Every spirit have it's secret that we used to destroyed their works.

Everyday you pray but still things are not going on well with you, this is not a matter of prayer my dear but you need a spiritual directions. If the spirit of delayed attack you , everything about you will move slowly like a snail. Can you ask me why snail shell? Yes I want you to use snail shell because the spirit don't like the powers and the scent in the Snail shell.

Snail shell have a spiritual implications that destroyed a lot of spirit but most people dont know , my dear we shouldn't drink all the soup while there is still food. So please let's go on to our main motive here so that our life will move faster for us.

Materials To use

Please you have to buy or get seven shells of a snail, and put it in your water and leave it under the sun for the whole day, take it around 11pm, please pray over it for about thirty minutes and chant this word:

"Angel of God, deliver me from my problems,

The moon and the sun should rise against those who is attacking my progress.

May the spirit of delayed be broken from my life..

I called sun, moon, stars and the spirit in the skies to break the spirit of delay from my life .

Called the spirit of " YESHUA HAMASHIA" for Seven times and bath the water without soap. Repeat this rituals for seven days(7) and after seven days please take the snail shell and add some coins and look for a four sqaure junction and say this word,

Spirit of delay, you will not come back to me again, may the angels and the spirit of this four corners hold you for me and I payed the price that you have cost me in Jesus name!! After the incantations, please put it down and add the coins to it and come home. You have broken the spirit of delayed from your life and bet me your life will change for good.


Please this is not magic but is a natural way to break away spirit of delayed from someone's life. Make sure that when you start, you must finish it or it won't work. Please if you have a spiritual marriage problem or any other spiritual problem, please contact me on zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine.. if something has lost and you don't know the person who took it, contact me and I will show you. If you want a spiritual eyes please called the number and I will help you.

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Fred Snail Shell


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