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She's cheating on me with his own brother from birth and the family is aware. I AM DYING WITHIN

Recently things are really happening to the extend that most of the things that are happening now looks like a movie or a fabricated stories but they are actually a true and real life stories.

The beginning of the relationship was so beautiful that we introduced ourselves to the various families, her mom likes me so much to the extent that she calls to check up on me frequent bases, she calls me over for dinner and all that.

But this is where I got suspicious there was this guy sharing a room with my lady and how my woman dress around him was a bit of because woman sharing a room with a male will be concerned about her appearance.

My woman seems not to care, one faithful afternoon I went to her place and called out her name after knocking on the door but nobody answered yet the main door was opened.

I entered and something directed me to door I heard a soft moan coming from the room and I was a bit curious so I went closer and the door seems not to be locked so I entered and to my ultimate surprised the blood related brother was doing the do with her.

Out of shocked and heart break I left, she later texted me a long paragraph pleading and explaining how it started and mom is aware and her reasons for being so happy for the relationship was that such act will stop.

The mother also called me to cool me down and why she wants me to marry her daughter to break her of such art. Am still in shock

Real life story of Emmanuel

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