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Celebrities who starred in adult films before their rise to fame.

A lot of Hollywood actors struggled before finally making it to the top and turning into millionaires. For some life was so hard for them before the paparazzi that they had to turn to act in adult films just to make ends meet

1. Sylvester Stallone:

Sylvester Stallone also known as Rambo by many Ghanaians starred in an adult movie called party at kitty's and stud's before his rise to fame. According to He was paid $200 for two days of work on the movie. he said to playboy,' It was either do that movie or rob someone.'

2. Jackie Chan:

We all love Jackie Chan for the daredevil stunts he pulls off during his movies but before his rise to fame, he used to be a stunt actor for Bruce Lee. According to he starred in a Chinese adult film called all in the family.

3. Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian didn't necessarily star in an adult film but she got her sex tape leaked and it was not entirely a bad thing for her career. According to before the 2007 release of her tape, Kim was mostly known for being a sidekick to Paris Hilton. The video now has a lot of views on various adult websites.

4. Kevin Costner:

Kevin Costner is a highly respected man in Hollywood who starred in the 2022 hit movie night shift. But according to before his rise to fame, he was assigned a role in the 1981 low-budget softcore adult film sizzle beach.

5. Helen Mirren:

Helen Mirren who is now 77 years old took on several iconic roles in Hollywood including Queen, but according to, she used to be an adult film actor in her young years. also according to she stripped off for a controversial film called 'Age of consent

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