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Top 5 TV adverts that Swept Ghanaians off their feet

Today we bring you top 5 advertising concept of a drink (a popular fruit juice in Ghana) we have seen on our screens. These add got us laughing and giving kudos to those behind the ads.

(Pardon us for we can't mention the name of the drink. It will be deemed advertising by Opera and its against their rules).

But if you know you know.

We starts the list below.

5. No Fufu in Heaven Chop Bar

This features an extravagant bragging lad at a local food vendor (Chop Bar). The vendor patiently serves him his order and he enjoys his meal. After being requested to pay for his food he pleads with 'Aunty' the owner of the chop bar that he has left his wallet at home. A young lad comes to his rescue by offering 'Anty' who was then ready to squash the bragging lad with a Fufu pounding pistol a drink.

'Anty after taking the drink then forgets about the money and the trio dance off.

4. Bra Blowman

In this instance we saw a good samaritan who came to the rescue of a lady whose bag was snatched from her on the street.

Only for 'savior samaritan ' to be found wanting after he paused in his chase a few steps aways tired and gasping for air. He is offered the drink by the lady's son and suddenly gains strength and vigor to pursue his chase after the thief taunted him he couldn't catch him.

He takes a short--cut and knocks the thief to the floor.

The thief is stunned and the trio ( the lady, her son and the 'saviour samaritan') laugh to his surprise.

3. Bra Mate

A mate en route to Kokomlemle / circle refused to take the fare of a woman with her son after the money was short of Ghc 0.50 (50 pesewas). The mate was offered a drink by her son.. The make reluctant to take the drink finally have a sip of the drink.

He goes hyper and the rest of the drama unfolds.

2. Morkporkoor

We all know how annoying it is when you are called miles aways only to pick up an item inches away from whoever called you. Well that's what happened to Morkporkpor. He was out with his friends playing but was summoned by his elder sister. His name was echoed through the community before they finally got to him.

He rushes back home panting only to be bring a box of drink from the fridge.

1. The smartest kid in the neighborhood (my personal favorite).

So this kid was sidelined from playing football with lads who were older than him because he was a small boy.

His opportunity to finally be part of the play arrives when one of them mistakenly kicks the ball which landed straight on someone's food. Furious, the food owner shouts out to whoever played the ball to come face him.

This young kids gathers the courage to go talk to him and offers him a box of drink too, in exchange for the football bathed with soup and promises to deal with them.

A narrow escape.

He returns to the lads and makes a bold declaration of choosing his team. He finally gets to eliminate his eliminator.

Do you have any favourite which is not on the list.

Kindly let us know in the comments session below.

Of the five which was your favourite.

Let us know in the comment session too.

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