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Opinion: This is what Nigerians think about Ghana and Ghanaians

Though Ghana and Nigeria relationship started on a rough part in the past, it has grown perfect since the turn of the century. Now the two countries have mutual respect for each other as they share many interesting things such as music, movies and various economic activities. 

And today it will be hardly to tell who is a Ghanaian and who is Nigerian if not for their accents as you will find many Ghanaians living in Nigeria and many Nigerians living in Ghana and both people calling the other countries their second home. 

It upon this that I scoured the internet to find Nigerians who have lived in Ghana before for their opinion about the country and it peoples. And it seemed that they all(at least those I found) have the same line of opinion about the country. So without wasting much time here are few of them.

A guy named Kaosiso, who is currently living in Nigeria, said that to him Ghana is his second home. He also said that though Ghana is a small country compared to Nigeria, but still Nigeria could learn lessons from them at least from energy point of view. Furthermore, he also added that Ghanaians l are fun to be with and that if not a country separating us the boundary will be open for more coexistence. And added God bless Nigeria, God bless Ghana.

Emmanuel Ibidunmoye, born and raised in Nigeria also said that both countries hold each other with great admiration and healthy sibling rivalry. And that everywhere he goes, he looks out for Ghanaians to befriend, why because he believed that Ghanaians are cool, social, educated, stylish, friendly, and equally outgoing like Nigerians. That Ghana and Nigeria share similar colonial and cultural history. And apart from their(Ghana) slightly darker hue and screechy accent you can hardly tell Nigerians and Ghanaians apart. And what's more, though the capital of Ghana, Accra, is not as sparkling new as Abuja nor as boisterous and commercially sophisticated as Lagos, is a calm, orderly and lively city.

David Adekwu, said that in his first month in Ghana, he was in a bus when he threw out a sachet of water he had just drank. The conductor or “mate” as they are popularly called in Ghana warned him against doing that next time. The mate rather told him that he should have trashed it in the bus, and it would have been properly disposed off at the end of the day. He said that this experience influenced his impression of Ghana and Ghanaians in general.

Most Nigerians see Ghanaians as more morally upright and peaceful. We love our Ghanaian brothers and sisters, he added.

Temitope, another Nigerian also added that Ghana is a great country and Ghanians are great people. He further said that though there might be differences in perceptions of different Ghanians and Nigerians but at the end of the day, both countries are Africans and that they should be proud of their heritage and culture, regardless of the differences they may have.

Ayomide Jimoh, who studied at Obafemi Awolowo University said that he would love to settle down in Ghana, because besides races, religion and history we are all human and that Ghanaians are wonderful people.

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