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Top four female celebrities who are always serious in their photos. Checkout fans reactions.

Photos are identity images which are taken to remember us of ourselves. Normally people take pictures to store for future reference. One can determine the mood an individual was in by just looking at the facial expression of the individual in the photo. Many people express feeling of happiness or sorrow depending on how the individual feels. Some individuals show their serious face anytime they take pictures. Netizens have been trolling celebrities who always don’t smile when they take pictures. We have skimmed through the internet and come up with the top four female celebrities who are always serious in the photos. 

The first celebrity who is always serious in her photos is Delay. 

Deloris Frimpong Manso who is proverbially known as Delay in the Showbiz world is prolific media personality who has made a name for herself in the media space. She is widely known by both the old and the young because of her most watched show called “the delay show”. She is a media personality, a radio and tv presenter as well as an entrepreneur. She is the host of the “delay show” on tv. She is known for interviewing great personalities and is also known for asking tough and sensitive questions. Many netizens are of the view that, anytime she takes a picture she is always serious. Even if she smiles in her pictures, little will you see the jovial aspect of her. Always she shows her serious demeanor. 

The second female celebrity who is always serious in her photos is Jessica of Citi TV/Radio.  

Jessica Opare is a journalist and a media personality whose voice is a sensation to hear and because of that, many Ghanaians admire her. She is the presenter on both Citi tV and Radio. She host a program on Citi TV called “Sisters sister”. A program that is geared towards the empowerment of women. Jessica is a hardworking lady who has made a name for herself in the tv and radio works. However many netizens believe she is always serious in her photos. Anytime she takes a picture, she shows us her serious demeanor and not the smiling aspect of her. She is one of the beautiful ladies at Citi TV. 

The female Celebrity who took the third position is Wendy Shay. 

Wendy Shay is a singer and an entertainer who is making massive strands in the Ghanaian music industry. It’s not easy for a lady to make hits in the industry but because of her tenacity and perseverance, she is wrestling shoulders with the men. She is also seen by many netizens as showing us the serious aspect of her in her photos. Many netizens believe that, she should relax a little bit and show her fans the jovial and smiling aspect of her. She has featured many great and prominent musicians in and outside Ghana, including Sarkodie, Bosom P. Yung and many more. 

The last female Celebrity who many netizens believe always shows her serious aspect in her photos is Mzvee. 

Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, proverbially known by her stage name MzVee is a singer and an entertainer. She has also done a great job by wrestling shoulders with the men in the music industry. She has also won many awards to her credit. She recently left Lynx Entertainment to establish her own record label. She is the only woman from Ghana who has been nominated at the BET awards. Many netizens also believe that she should show us the smiling aspect of her sometimes in her photos. 

Well, the above list is a list based on what many social media users are saying about their fans. We just compiled it up to make meaning out of it. However, all the above females are great at what they do. Also all female Celebrities are very beautiful and classy as well. 

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Content created and supplied by: KwameNtiKwame (via Opera News )

Delay. Deloris Frimpong Manso


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