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How is this possible? Loving one man or woman. Check this out!!

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This thing called love has left many youths across the globe to have an unquenchable thirst for answers to their questions. Wilfred was no exception of it. He has been friends with Kwamena who lived with his grandparents after an accident took away his parents from the surface of the earth. The two boys schooled together until the university where no one heard from no one. 

It was a miracle on Tuesday afternoon when Kwamena came across his old friend, Wilfred. You can imagine the feeling. The two made noise till an attendant in the shop they met asked them to step out. The smile of these two never dropped even after being sacked; they were filled with joy as destiny brought them together again. In a conversation, Wilfred asked, "is Granny and Pappy still living in their old building?"

Wilfred was amazed to hear that his old friends were still in good shape. He had the urge to see them before he departs to continue his life in Canada. Kwamena who also missed her grandparents gladly did Wilfred the favour to meet Pappy and Granny. Pappy and Granny were not unhappy to see Wilfred and Kwamena. 

No amount of words could be measured to the joy these two grandparents felt in their hearts to see their grandchildren once again. The visit called for both Granny and Pappy cooking Wilfred's favourite meal. Wilfred remarked, "they still cook together? How do they do this?". Kwamena had no answers for Wilfred and so he decided to ask during the feast. 

Almost through with the meal, Wilfred whose face was pregnant with questions bore them to Granny and Pappy, "how did this all happen? I have grown to meet you two still together. Tell me the secret Pappy". 

Pappy began answering, "my son, that watch on your hand, I guess it is that expensive." Wilfred nodded attentively. Pappy continued, "how did you earn it?" "Oh Pappy, this is the watch I had from my late dad." "So it did not come by easily like everyone would think at the first sight of it. You had to lose someone to have it. I believe you will protect it no matter what. If it gets broken you would fix it", Pappy said. 

"Absolutely Pappy. I love this watch. It gives me a lot of happiness and strength to strive harder", Wilfred pronounced. Pappy continued, "that is how I value Granny. She did not come by so easily. She had the beauty and everything a guy desires in a lady so I had to fight for her. Now I have her, a nice achievement indeed. I won't watch our love to die. Like you will protect your watch, I will continue to protect her. Of course love dies but we try new ways in the relationship and we rekindle the love. That is why we are what we are". 

Wilfred knew no other way to express his amazement of how Pappy explained things to him than to clap as loud as he could. After dinner, the two gentlemen left for their houses promising not to forget about this words of wisdom. 


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