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I'm Dying Slowly After A Guy Threatens To Release My Video After He And Three Other Guys Enjoyed Me

I'm really in hot waters and I don't know what to do. My name is Christine and I'm 27 years old. I live in the Voltage region. I really loved by anyone I come across and that has as a good opportunity in meeting people. Due to my attractiveness, I've become the talk of the town among most men.

Three months ago, I met a handsome guy at the beach during one of our festivals. He was good looking and possess all what a woman wild need in a man. After some shared glances, he called me and I went to listen to what he has to say.

We became friends and I was found of been with him since he was an attractive guy. He is a bearded guy and has six packs. Anytime, I see those packs, it turns me on. I didn't hesitate to give him number after the program and we went on our separate ways. He invited me over and that was the worst day in my life.

He proposed to me and I quickly accept since my current relationship was complicated and he also was single. He gave me a bottle of soft drink and little did I know I was going to reign my life. I thought he had good intentions towards me. I drank I before I could realize, I was fast asleep.

Cyril took advantage and had his way with me. The painful aspect was, he did that with some three guys and as I'm talking to you I'm pregnant. He also recorded footage of what went on and threaten to release it on the internet. For about 3 months, he uses that video to blackmael me.

He has had his way with me more than 15 times and I'm really fed up. Anytime I try to refuse he uses the video as an object to scare me. I'm really confused and dying slowly.

Can somebody help me with an advice as to what to do.

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