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Zionfelix: 10 Things You Should Know About The Blogger

Zionfelix, born Felix Adomako Mensah, is a blogger, influencer, event promoter, and a social media marketer. The term jack of all trades was probably coined after him since he has so many titles, which makes many wonder how he balances it all. He has amassed quite the following since he started blogging.

Gaining an audience' s loyalty requires a certain amount of integrity from the reporter for trust to be built. Being a celebrity and lifestyle blogger means that there is never a lack of news to report, and most of it is usually false or inaccurate. Zionfelix is an established name in the industry, mainly due to his ability to give accurate information. This is something not every blog does.

What you should know about Zionfelix:

Like with most celebrities, there is a lot about Felix that fans don' t know about. Being in the spotlight has many advantages, but it also has a few disadvantages. One of the main ones is that people usually make assumptions about celebrities even though they have no way to prove it.

1. Felix is from Kumasi Ghana:

Felix was born in Kumasi, Ghana, on July 7th, 1991. He grew up there and even attended school there. He went to Christian Preparatory and then to St. Francis Preparatory school. After this, he attended Bishop Sarpong International School.

2. Zion debuted in the entertainment at a young age:

Most people don' t know what they want to do for the rest of their lives until they are much older. However, this was not the case for Felix. When he was still a young boy, he started radio presenting. He was a radio presenter at a kids' entertainment show on Kidz Corner called the Sports News Segment.

3. He created his first blog after completing high school:

After he completed his high school education, Felix started his first blog, which was called zion- felix. blogpost. com. When this did not pick up, he revamped and renamed it to what we currently know it as, Zionfelix. com.

4. Zionfelix house was built using money he earned from his blog:

Felix' s blog is a fan favorite, and his 1 million followers on Instagram can attest to that. Due to this, the money his blog generates is a lot. He managed to build a 4- bedroom house using these funds, which can be quite unreliable at times. He decided to start building with no idea about how long it would take or where he would get the funds to build it. The fact that he was able to finish the house quickly is a sign of how hardworking he is.

5Felix started Celebrity Ride in 2017:

Zionfelix interviews take place on his show " Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix" . He is not afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked and has unearthed some controversial details. However, he has a friendly relationship with the celebrities, and they are usually quite relaxed during these interviews.

6. Felix has won awards for his work:

Zionfelix awards range from those he won while still in school and those he won after. The award he has won for his job after he completed his education is the Best Blogger of the Year, 2019 and the EMY Africa Awards.

7. He attended the University of Ghana:

After seeing that his blog was a huge success, Felix decided to go back to school and begin his university education. He enrolled at the University of Ghana in 2012. In true Felix fashion, he immediately became part of the entertainment scene by becoming a presenter at the school radio station.

8. Zionfelix net worth is not known:

Although his net worth is not a proven fact, it is clear that it is quite substantial. Felix has many streams of income, and all of them are doing quite well. He is a blogger, social media influencer, social media marketer, and event organizer. Any of these careers is a lucrative one, so being in all of them means that Felix has nothing to worry about financially.

9. Zionfelix YouTube channel is the best entertainment news source:

Apart from the celebrity ride interviews, Felix also does professional interviews with different people and posts them on his YouTube channel. While the celebrity ride interviews are only with celebrities, his other interviews are with anyone who has something important to say. This is whether they are a celebrity or not. This boldness and determination to bring the truth to the public have made him a people' s favorite. This means that anyone who wants to know the latest news visits his YouTube channel every day to get it.

10. Felix released his first single:

The beloved lifestyle blogger shocked all his fans when he dropped his first single. His song was a massive hit because of this and the musicians that were featured. Felix collaborates with almost every top musician from Kumasi. The song, Kumerica, is just a glimpse of what Felix has in store for his fans in the future.

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