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Sign Of End Time: Here Are Top African Female Gospel Artists Who Dresses Indecently in Public(Photo)

Christianity is a religion that places more emphasis on indecent dressing in public, even the Bible is against it, no matter who is wearing it, either a pastor or a gospel artist, it is strictly not acceptable.

Sometimes people forget their responsibility as a role model to the society, it is very important to understand the role we should play in the society, especially if we are a celebrity or a pastor.

We must not forget that a lot of people, including children, are looking up to us as a role model, so, therefore, we must always behave in an ethical way in such a way that people will be impressed with our lifestyle.

1. Pinela Justine

Pinela Justina is a beautiful gospel artist from Congo who has been blasted repeatedly by some set of fans online and even in public for her indecent dressing, mostly when she attends church programmes with her very tight dressing. As a gospel artist, it is expected of her to lead by example, especially to the younger generation who would love to be like her some day.

2. Niccah

This young and energetic gospel artist has faced many critiques from her fans with her style of dressing. You can see in the picture how she exposed her body all in the name of fashion, a true child of God must not engage in such an indecent act, and this is one of the reasons why she has been heavily attacked by her fans in public and social media channels.

3. Size-8

Who would ever believe that this gorgeous young lady is already a mother of three children? Of course, many people would find it very hard to believe, but that's the simple truth. She has been heavily criticised for many reasons. The first is because she's a mother, and she should be keen to leave a good legacy to her children. The second reason is that she is a gospel artist, and people can't understand why a gospel artist will dress in such a way that the Bible forbids.

4. Babeth Lando

This is another beautiful black-skinned Congolese gospel artist who goes by the name Babeth. She is well-known for trying to promote the black culture by telling people to be proud of their skin color. However, she took a step too far by wearing a bikini to take a couple of pictures in public using it as a campaign to encourage others to be proud of their skin color. This is totally unacceptable because she is a gospel artist, and her fans have found no joy in what she did whatsoever.

As a religious person, we should be wary of our way of life because many people are looking up to us, especially young kids who are still growing up and want to be like us. We should not always do things because of our personal benefits alone, we should also consider the teachings of the Lord so as not to face his wrath on earth and hereafter.

Do you think gospel artists have the freedom to dress in any way they feel like? Your opinion is very important to us.

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