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Dress Style


Nana Ama shows raw chest in beautiful dress.

Clothing design is little more than taking a variety of style elements and putting them together in creative new ways. Change a sleeve, a collar, the shape of a skirt and you’ve just designed a new style!

Nana Ama is a fashion designer and in her latest post, she was seen in a beautiful dress that has generate lots of stir on social media.

Another word that has multiple and sometimes confusing meanings is costume. Costume can refer to the dress worn in theatrical, film, or television productions and for masquerade. The context usually clarifies this usage. But within the museum and history communities, the dress that is collected, exhibited, and written about is often called “historical costume” or, for items of more recent date, simply “costume.” Therefore, what is here called “historical dress” may elsewhere go under names such as “historical costume,” “costume,” or “historical fashion.”

In some respects, dress refers to material things or ways of treating material things, including the body. In contrast, fashion as it is discussed here is a social phenomenon affecting the way members of a culture or society behave. In any discussion of “world” dress and fashion, the word fashion is problematic not only because of the many different meanings it has for those who study the topic but also because of Western scholars’ frequent claim that the fashion process is unique to the dress of the West. One of the reasons for this view is that most of what has been published about the history and development of fashion has been written by scholars who live and work in the West and lack familiarity with sources outside their own cultures.

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Nana Ama


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