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The Ego in Royalty and the Process of Destruction in the North

Royalty is the opportunity, birthright to control, demand and receive.

A perception that gives people the sense of entitlement. Who will submit to who?.

In the northern setting, royals are more and everyone wants to be noticed and served, who will serve?, That's the problem, so if no one will serve then no one will also be granted favors, it will in the long run boil down to associating with strangers more and giving them more opportununities than to allow one of your kind who is of royalty to succeed.

Fire Festival

No royal individual will want another in same category to succeed and later dominate.

The betrayal is real on royals and most royal usually will want those behind them to keep coming to them or depending on them, in that regard, they will hardly help you to succeed and that is what we see today, we can see several family members in power yet find it difficult to help people in the family, they want to keep dominating, they don't want others to be better, it kills the sense of control in those born from royalty.

Too many royals in the North of Ghana, fowning and looking for the position to control and keep dominating over their brothers because same brothers will act like them if they assume such a position, inter marriage from different ethnic groups and settings can partly address the issue. The North of Ghana is a powerhouse according to Tuorimuo Elvis Philip. With diverse culture and Tradition costume unique and highly appreciated in the Spheres of Ghana.

People in Upper West, Upper East, Northern, Savannah, North East are closely related.

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Ego Fire Festival


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