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The World Famous Ghanaian American Actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson on Texas Rising.

Before she was playing the hot and spying Yellow Rose of Texas on the History Channel's new smaller than normal arrangement, Texas Rising, Cynthia Addai-Robinson was youthful stage entertainer with a fantasy. Here's beginning and end you need to think about Cynthia Addai-Robinson, from her British origination to her mysterious ability. 

Her First Acting Role was in "Annie" 

"At the point when I was in secondary school I was beginning to get into plays. I wound up when I was a sophomore in secondary school playing Annie, everything being equal, in our school's creation of 'Annie.' But the huge break for me was Spartacus, which I participate on in the subsequent season. I don't figure I might have expected a job like that where I basically am a female fighter, and doing tricks and executing individuals. Somehow or another it was the fantasy job I won't ever dream." 

She's a Secret Singer 

"I love to sing. I surmise for individuals who realize me by and by I'm somewhat of a karaoke addict. I love going to karaoke. I love the opportunity of that, since it's an actually no pressing factor circumstance. I figure the last karaoke I did I sang 'American Boy' by Estelle. I additionally sang 'Messy Diana' by Michael Jackson." 

In Fact, She Dreams of Being in a Musical 

"I couldn't imagine anything better than to do a film melodic or a music biopic. There was a second in my exhibition life that I however I needed to be on Broadway and do musicals. I have a ton of regard for those entertainers since that is a ridiculously intense climate." 

She's Been Bitten by the Travel Bug 

"I've been to New Zealand, and afterward from that point I went to the Cook Islands. I went to Samoa, Australia, that entire piece of the world is astonishing. I'm unquestionably expecting to simply see some different spots. I've been needing to go to Morocco for a truly prolonged stretch of time. I think on the off chance that I had a decision likely my next trip, I'm passing on to go to Cuba. I actually like perceiving how others are living on the planet, and like to simply move among them and notice. I believe it's all excellent data for an entertainer, simply seeing human conduct." 

She's International 

"I was brought into the world in London, my mom's from Ghana so the entirety of the family that I grew up with around me are on the whole African. My mom and I moved to the Washington D.C. territory when I was around 4 years of age. At that point I in the end left that territory to go to class in New York. I have a feeling that I relate to a variety of spots that sort of make up who I am." 

She's (Kinda) Bilingual 

"I talk some Spanish which proved to be useful for Texas Rising since we were shooting in Mexico. I read Spanish in school for quite a long time, at that point you don't utilize it and it sort of disappears. A year ago I essentially lived [in Mexico] for a very long time and I understood that unexpectedly I was in a drenching circumstance since I wasn't recording and I had days off. Indeed, I actually needed to go into town. I need to arrange lunch. I need to drop my clothing off some place. Unexpectedly you're similar to 'OK. I had the chance to sort this out. Essentially need to truly develop my Spanish with the goal that I can fundamentally live here and get around.'" 

She JUST Joined Instagram 

"I'm attempting to fabricate my numbers. It's been about a month. I was truly dawdling. I think, as far as I might be concerned, the entire Instagram thing and why I was kind of late to the gathering, is that there's as yet this piece of me that particularly values my protection. I for one think minimizing individuals know would be ideal. In any event Instagram sort of appears to be somewhat more amiable than Twitter. " 

Catch Cynthia Addai-Robinson on Texas Rising, Mondays at 9P.M. EST on the History Channel (and follow her on Instagram!).

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