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Guy stuns social media with his story book captioned 'Ronaldo And Lagos Girls : Read more

Guy stuns social media with his story book captioned 'Ronaldo And Lagos Girls'

This guy is not yet known by netizens but is very well wanted by them to answer some few questions. This interesting book was spotted on social media been held by an unknown guy who is now wanted.

This story was found to be an interesting story as netizens read a page of it to themselves. Read out to yourself a page of the story below and see how interesting it is.

The first time I saw Ronaldo was in China. See Lizzy! Ronaldo is the most handsome young man I have ever seen on planet earth.

I was surprised to see him in a shopping mall buying ground nuts and English garri.

When he saw me, he began to eye me and asked of my phone number. I just pretended as if I was not hearing him and I walked out of him.

In less than two minutes he came to where I was waiting for my driver, went on his knees and said, "please marry me". Instantly more than 10 journalists with cameras came out of nowhere and began to cover the drama between me and Ronaldo.

How do you see this story. Isn't it interesting enough to be also read by others. Share to your friends so we all can enjoy this story.

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