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Johnnie Hughes Opens Up To Ghanaians- I Could Not Wear My White Today Due To This Reason

TV3's Johnnie Hughes has made some wild revelations during his editorial on the station's morning show.

He revealed that he intended to put on white on Thursday to mark TV3's 25th Anniversary. The senior editor and TV presenter also explained that Saturday, 1st October 2022 will be exactly 25 years old since TV3 started its operations.

He expressed displeasure about the fact that he could not wear white because he was unable to buy credit from the app for the past three days.

" I am unable to wear white Today just because the ECG app would not work for me to buy my prepaid credit. I do not want to believe that the ECG is doing this because they are enjoying a monopoly".

Is Johnny Hughes saying that he could not wear white because he does not have power or because he wore something else to mark his displeasure?

The top journalist was not clear with his message on exactly what necessitated a different colour he wore other than his preferred white colour. Why should Johnnie Hughes relate his dressing to ECG app issues?

Well, he also raised several issues saddled with the ECG prepaid purchase.

" So if my soup is in the freezer and it goes bad, would you compensate me? Service delivery in this country is a problem. ECG must fix the issues."

" The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission must look into the issues. We do not want to hear from you when there is only a tariff increment".

"Please speak to the issues when things are not working. You need to demand compensation from ECG in respect Of what we lose".

Is it not interesting to catch a glimpse of how Johnnie Hughes made his complaints about the ECG app? Is Johnnie Justified in not wearing his white?

Meanwhile, reliable sources have revealed that the PURC is already looking into the issues.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion?

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