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My Choir Master Asked Me To Come For Voice Training At His Apartment, I Never Knew He Could Do This - Fiction

My name is Yvonne Akamala. I am twenty-three years of age and a third born among six children. Recently, I graduated from secondary school and wanted to have a career in modeling because I have a passion for it. I went to several auditions and luckily for me, I was chosen in one of them.

We were three girls in all who were picked by the panelists to for the task ahead. We were made to sign an agreement on a contract with one of the worlds acclaimed magazines for photoshoots.

Among the three girls I was competing with, I scored high marks and further won a two-year contract to proceed to the United States of America. I was so happy for traveling outside the country for my first time, United Kingdom to be precise.

Aside from my modeling career, I was also a talented singer. I was a choir member in my church which I will not mention the name for security reasons. As it is done in every church, three days to every Sunday, choir members meet for practice in the other to prepare for the coming Sunday.

I was a regular member, both in the congregation and in the choir. My consistency at church services made many people to love me. I know some people also disliked me because in life not all will like you, some will hate you for no reason at all.

One Sunday after church service, my choir master asked me to come over to his apartment for voice training. According to him, I was losing my voice and needed to get back on track. As innocent as I am, I went to his one Friday afternoon. He served me with a drink. My choir master begun to lecture me how to get my voice back. Everything was going on well but along the way, I began to feel dizzy gradually.

The next thing I remember is waking up in his bedroom. I was so terrified; I went to the bathhouse. To my utmost surprise, he slept with me whilst I was deeply asleep. He drugged me.

I confronted him and the sensible thing he could say was, “I was so attractive to him because of how I dress at home and that he couldn't control himself". Please what is really wrong with my dressing? It's been over three weeks now. I missed my period, a sign of pregnancy. What should I do? Should I abort the baby or report him to the head pastor? I need your candid opinion, please.

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