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A Strangely shaped Rock surfaces, goes viral on the internet.

The Unique Rock of Babbile: These uniquely shaped rock with admirable features is in a place called Dakata at the distance of 5 kilometers from Babile or at the distance of 40 kilometers from Harar. These wonderful rocks can effortlessly be spotted with their structural settings on the road from Harar to Funyan Bira.

Nature is indeed a great mastercraft, this strangely shaped rock has sparked a lot of reaction from people on the various social media handles, they can seem to get enough of the oddly shaped rock but keep admiring it and making some funny comments also. A critical look at it appears to be what can be described as a male reproductive organ.

In the Dakhata Valley (better known as the Valley of Marvels), tall rocks have been sculpted into strange, often phallic shapes by the elements. The name oversells things, but the 'Valley of the Pretty Cool' doesn’t have the same ring. Most people just see it from the road, but a half-day ramble is the better choice (be sure to go with a guide). The best section of it starts 4km east of Babille on the drive between Harar and Jijiga.

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Babbile Dakhata Valley


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