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'Mona mo bl3' is not mad; Check out the reason why [Opinion]

There is a renowned mentally altered man in Ghana who is known by many people due to his videos that have been mostly circulating online. He recently was in the news for having huge number of followers on Instagram which became a talk of the town. He is popularly known as 'Mona mo bl3'.

Many people were astonished as to why someone who is mentally incapacitated to have such followers. But his videos thrill many as the put laughter in the mouths of people. People see him as mad even though his personality shows but the kind of words he alter do not show.

Kofi TV in the course of the week went to him to have an interview with him and I became dumbfounded with how he was answering the questions. Under normal circumstance, a person who is mad mostly suffers from mental retardation.

Anytime you are talking with someone who is mentally incapacitated, you could see that he or she is not flowing with what he is saying. The conversation will be full of confabulation and distortion so you wouldn't comprehend with what the person is trying to say. Confabulation means inability for a person to talk formally with fabricated and misinterpreted stories.

But if you study carefully with the video or the interview, you would realize that, almost every question that he will be asked, he is able to answer and he talks very well too. The only problem he faces is self care deficit and with that one if he gets quality attention, he will be clean and look good. What really amazed me was when he was given a Bluetooth wireless by Kofi Adoma, he was able to locate where the pause button is. His thinking and reasoning ability is working too.

He just needs proper psychiatrist and other mental health specialist to be able to come back normal. A real schizophrenic patient as we perceive him to be can never do what he has been doing. The condition of 'mo na mo bl3' is very mild and with proper attention and care-giving, he will be extra fine and mentally sound. Constant taking of psychotropic medications with the supervision of a specialist will improve his condition.

Click on the link below to watch the interview:

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