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Opoku Ware school goes higher with a new hit song by another student after Yaw Tog.

It looks like Opoku ware school is becoming a pool of talent hub for the entertainment industry.

Opoku ware is noted for their excellence in academics. They are also very good in terms of sports. Recently, owass astonished the whole country when they pulled up Yaw Tog to win an award at the VGMA.

Right now, a new talent resurfaces again from owass, this time with a new hit song for the school. The song is very nice with very sound instrumentals.

The song was produced by Hammer. Directed by Pep Gee.

The new talent, Khojo Ray who is also student of Opoku Ware school is the main artist of this hit song featuring Kofi Dan.

The song can be found on YouTube with the title


Owass paved way for Yaw Tog to excel in his music career and it looks like Khojo Ray will follow suit.

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