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Celebrities Kindly Allow The Law To Rule At It Best To Flee Such Act From The Society

Right after the ruling on Akuapem Poloo for promoting nudity in front of her son and stand to face jail terms, there has been a lot of reactions coming from some of our celebrities claiming justice should be tempered with mercy, instead jail she should be fined. I ask what kind of hypocrisy is this?

Are they not the same people making noise when she did that, now that the law has taken it course the same people are here making unnecessary campaign, wow very interesting.

When the law strikes we complain and when it doesn't too we complain, we want the law to work when its about others but when the law touches our own then we begin to blame the law instead of the law breaker. What about those mothers already in prison, or is it because they are not celebrities then nobody should go to prison nowadays again is that what we are saying?

This is gradually dragging to lay person's interpretation to the law, always has a mercy pardon but the real content of the law deals with facts and factual so celebrities kindly allow the law to rule at it best to flee such Act from the society.

The child must be saved from all forms of poisoning, surprisingly coming from the one who is supposed to offer the best protection. What at all is wrong with this side of the world? Even in the united states where lawlessness is rampant, you will not see Beyonce or Rihanna go naked to take a picture with the child. What do you think will happen to the guy when he goes for an interview and the mother's picture is pulled out for him? What will be the explanation when you have taken a naked picture with your mum. These are some problems that we find for ourselves, children and children's children. It's a corruption of the moral fibre.

I have come to realize that, when offenders are faced with the laws of the country, Ghanaians become emotional and sympathetic, but when they left to go scot free or not punished, they tend to say there are no Laws in the country.

Nudity cases in the country is becoming something else, I think Poloo is not above prison she should be used as a guinea pig and high time we think as citizens, subtracting sentiments and emotions when looking at critical issues believe me, she will one day become a perfect candidate as an ambassador for nudity in this country.

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