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Newly MARRIED Couple celebrated their honeymoon on MUDDY ROAD. SEE mind-blowing Pictures

According to reports, newlyweds did the unthinkable by organizing a mini romantic honeymoon treat on a muddy road in Imo state's Ohi-Orogwe region.

It can be recalled that the road received widespread media coverage a few months ago after local youths celebrated their roads despite them appearing to be unbearable.In a new set of images circulating on social media, a young alleged couple is seen huddled together.

Wondering what to expect after the honeymoon? After months and months (years?) of wedding planning and meticulously checking boxes, and working towards one major culminating moment—it's over.

In one blindingly beautiful whirl of love and emotion and floral arrangements the big day has come and gone.

You've recited your vows, partied the night away with loved ones, and melted away the stress of it all on your honeymoon with your newly-minted spouse. So what happens now?

One of the biggest changes that marriage brings is the melding of lives. This is not news to many of us. As much as we have an idea of it though, when some people actually experience the extent to which theirs and their spouse’s lives became twined, they were indeed shocked, to be honest.

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