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How Lilwin Wisely Forgave Funny Face at Court Proceedings Contains Lessons For Ghanaians

Recently due to the rivalry between Lilwin (Kwadwo Nkansah) and Dr. Likee many Ghanaians were expressing their dislike towards Lilwin as many were perceiving him to be arrogant, full of himself, and not happy when new talents try to surpass him.

However today, Lilwin has shown how extremely mature he is and the level of wisdom and compassion he has.

As you know, Funny face got into trouble after he threatened several lives of Ghanaians. He threatened to eliminate his ex-wife (Vanessa Nicole) and several male colleagues who he alleges had romantic affairs with her.

Over the years Lilwin became his greatest adversary after Lilwin made statements that Funny Face didn't deserve a comic actor award. From that point on the two were engaged in heated back and forth on social media and even had a few physical altercations anytime they met during interviews.

In Funny Face's recent outburst, Funny Face even accused Lilwin of trying to sabotage him using Voodoo.

Under normal circumstances, if one has been falsely accused, insulted, and even fought a form of hatred would develop. However, Kwadwo Nkansah showed the complete opposite towards Funny Face as he went to the court proceedings to show his support to his colleague and "rival".

When Lilwin was interviewed these were the wise words he shared:

"Funny Face is a dear brother of mine and he didn't have to ask the judge to apologize on his behalf. I have only true love and intentions towards him. Many don't seem to understand what love truly means. For instance, if you have been friends with someone for over two years and he recently offends you, do not let that single instance erase that long period of love and friendship that you shared. Let the long period of love and friendship rather conquer the faults of your friend and learn to forgive".

With this message from Lilwin, it implies that he bears no ill-will against funny face and he will continue to support him in his tough times.

This message from Lilwin contains two important lessons. The first is to learn to forgive those who fault you.

The second lesson is learning excellent public speaking. Although there are lots of netizens who believe that Lilwin is evil and envious, his manner of speech can even convince those who hate him to love him.


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