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Two Heartbroken Men On Date Rush Earn Ghanaians' Sympathy

It is not strange to see both male and female contestants on the Date Rush show get their hearts broken once in a while. However, it is a rare occurrence to have two hearts broken at the same time in one night.

Such is the case of Rockson and Ima on tonight's episode of the date rush show.

Both contestants had hopes of landing the beautiful Ella as a date. However, it seems Ella didn't have her sights on any of them but rather on Sammy.

This led Ella to reject them both which caused the epic moment on the Date Rush stage. To console each other, they went for an embrace which moved lots of Ghanaians both at the auditorium and at home.

Ghanaians had the following reactions:

Many expressed their sympathy as the fresh Ima got his fair share of a broken heart. Many also encouraged that there are more "fishes" in the ocean implying that there are many ladies to choose from so they shouldn't worry too much.

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