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Chief Wakes Up Early In The Morning To See Human Skeleton In An Indomie Box With A strange Letter

The chief and people of Twifuman traditional area were so amazed upon an Indomie box which was placed in front of the chief palace with a very strange message of doom. In an interview sighted by Inventordarko on Angel Fm, the chief claimed that there are many people who seek to destroy him ever since he ascended the throne.

The package contained a human skeleton from head to toe. The chief added he woke up and stepped outside for fresh air, but he saw an Indomie box placed at the entrance of the palace. He called one of his subjects to unveil the package to see its contents. To their ultimate surprise, a human skeleton wrapped in a polyurethane bag and a letter accompanying it.

The words on the letter were ''if you open this box, die instantly and join your ancestors''. However, the chief was not bothered by the words in the letter because he said his belief in God is far stronger than anything outside this world.

Since the bones were taken from the cemetery, he ordered them to take it back and burn it. This they believe will neutralize every negative energy the box might contain.

Content created and supplied by: InventorDarko (via Opera News )

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