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Stop your children from watching these programs if you don't want them to end up in Hell (video)

A Christian sister revealed an astonishing discovery about why kids as young as eight years old were seen in Hell fire. Most children and some adults like cartoons, but not all cartoons are what they seem to be.

‘The lady recounted that the Lord showed many children to her in Hell because those children used to watch those demonic cartoons,' she said.

Not all cartoons are supernatural, but some are, such as Ben 10, Barbie, and Pokémon, are all evil in God's eyes.'

Some cartoons feature raw toys, while others feature demons. In his rage, the devil wishes to ruin everyone's garment because he knows that no one will end up in heaven if there is a stain on his or her garment.

She went on, "For example, I was someone who really liked cartoons." I used to spend a lot of time watching Barbie cartoons at the time.

But our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ taught me that it was evil; not all of the cartoons, but some.'

Another person testified that Jesus brought her to a place in hell where she saw an 8-year-old boy. Even though they were being tortured in the flames, snakes and scorpions were biting them with their sharp teeth.

The monsters and demons were tormenting the 8-year-old boy, and when he saw Jesus, he screamed at him to save him. Then Jesus inquired, "What brought you here?" "Cartoons, war movies, computer games, and soap operas," he replied.

"Victoire, have you noticed?" Jesus asked. "Can you recite a Bible verse for Me?" Jesus then asked the boy. "I don't know any," the child replied. "Tell me about the stuff you used to watch on television," Jesus said. The child started to discuss all of the cartoon shows, war movies, and soap operas.

"The boy spent all of his experience watching cartoons, war movies, and even pornographic movies," the Lord said. "Tell parents to teach their children My ways and to instill My Word in them from childhood," the Lord said, "or else many will remain when the trumpet sounds."

There is a moment when there is no mercy. If we do not worship the Lord Jesus Christ with all of our hearts and souls, a time of no mercy will come. There are two options available to us, which leads to Heaven, and the other leads to Hell.

Which of these roads will you take, Beloved? Now is the opportunity for us to make a decision that will affect our whole lives. What will you do for your Eternity?

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