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Check out The World’s Richest Rappers in 2021

Who are the richest rappers on the planet today? Despite the fact that we realize names like Diddy, Drake, Eminem and others are frequently standing out as truly newsworthy — we're here to discuss the most extravagant rappers in 2021 by total assets. How about we bust a beat and gather together a few numbers as we rank the world's most extravagant rappers of the at this point.

20. — net worth: $75 million


The Black Eyed Peas prime supporter and in some cases entertainer's total assets is floating around $75 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. Yet, music, on-screen exhibitions and his gig as an adjudicator on UK's The Voice aren't the solitary thing that assist with the heaps of cash in his bank, his introduction to apparel and innovation configuration organization assist with that as well.

19. Kendrick Lamar — net worth: $75 million

Rapper, songwriter and record producer Kendrick Lamar is a fan favourite rapper. In addition to earning an estimated $75 million net worth, Lamar has scored 13 Grammy awards (37 Grammy nominations), 11 MTV Video Music Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, an Academy Award nomination and more accolades. Deals with Nike and American Express also don't hurt with helping the growing bank account.

18. Akon — net worth: $80 million

This gifted rapper's melodic work extends past this class, Akon's music incorporates soul, R&B and the sky is the limit from there. The Senegalese American claims a record name and apparel line, both adding to his assessed total assets of $80 million. The genuine takeaway here is he puts energy in significant ventures like the one he helped to establish that gives sun based energy to 14 African nations.

17. Nicki Minaj — net worth: $85 million

Simply some time back, the Trinidadian-American rapper was pulling in $80 million — yet in 2021, Nicki Minaj's assessed total assets is at $85 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. Beside being quite possibly the most persuasive ladies in rap, Minaj is the world's most extravagant female rapper. Always remember, she's done some minor film work, takes on sweet support bargains and claims her  fragrance line.

16. Timbaland — net worth: $85 million

Throughout the previous few years, Timbaland has stood firm on his footing as one of the world's most extravagant rappers with his assessed total assets at $85 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. His ability for writing melodies for craftsmen like Missy Elliot, Chris Cornell, Madonna, Jay-Z and all the more just assistance with his sweet total assets. Back in 2018, he cooperated up with Princess Nokia to make the song of devotion for NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment's Erase The Hate lobby. "Music is the most useful asset to fix any pessimism on the planet," he said, taking note of being essential for the mission to help delete disdain in America was ideal for him.

15. Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) — net worth: $90 million

Beastie Boys guitarist and spearheading part Ad-Rock has an expected total assets of $90 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. He appreciates eminences from his work with the hip bounce bunch the Beastie Boys yet additionally creates extra dollars remixing jams for different craftsmen. Goodness, and he's been doing the acting thing as well.

14. Birdman— net worth: $100 million

Bryan Williams, more commonly known as Birdman — also known as Toni Braxton's ex — has an estimated net worth of $100 million, according to Wealthy Gorilla. Though it's been a while since he's had a big hit, he's been raking in dollars anyway as he's a co-owner of one of hip hop's most successful record companies, Cash Money Records.

13. LL Cool J — net worth: $120 million

Pop rap craftsman LL Cool J has an expected total assets of $120 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. This rich rapper likewise has his hand in a garments line, distributed books (he's composed four), his record name and a fruitful acting vocation.

12. Lil Wayne — net worth: $150 million

As the years pass by, rapper Lil Wayne's net worth continues to rise. As of 2021, his estimated net worth sits at $150 million. Never forget he was only 12 when he joined Cash Money Records as an artist — since, he became one of the label's top selling artists, owns a stake in Tidal and released his memoir.

11. Snoop Dogg — net worth: $150 million

As a celeb who is supportive of weed , Snoop Dogg's gauge total assets of $150 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth, is comprised of certain parts music and different parts film and TV gigs and business parts that incorporate a line of legitimate  marijuana products, an application and computerized media business.

10. Ice Cube — net worth: $160 million

As well as breaking out noteworthy raps like 'Check Yo Self', Ice Cube produces pay from acting, composing screenplays, an attire line and co-made 3-on-3 ball class Big3. His assessed total assets is at $160 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. 

9. Usher — net worth: $180 million

Usher's estimated net worth is $180 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The rapper, singer, songwriter is one of the biggest selling recording artists in history. He also has a record label and his own fragrance line, as well as stakes in companies like Tidal, Yoobi and Mass Appeal and the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team. His offspring, Usher Jr., could learn a thing or two about generating giant piles of many from his dad.

8. Drake — net worth: $180 million

The rapper and actor from 'The Six' has a net worth of $180 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Our Grammy award-winning Canadian treasure has several endorsement deals on top of his whole music thing and money flowing from his producer gig. He started from the bottom now he's here.

7. Master P — net worth: $200 million

This rapper, maker and previous b-ball player has an expected total assets of $200 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. Supposedly, Master P utilized his $10,000 legacy to open his record store, developing into a record name and advancing into a business domain. This domain being referred to has stakes in everything from media communications to land.

6. Pharrell Williams — net worth: $200 million

'Happy' vocalist Pharrell Williams has a ton to be, all things considered, cheerful about. From dispatching mixed media imaginative aggregate I Am Other as an umbrella for his endeavors, the rapper is gaining by garments plan, a YouTube channel and a material organization. His total assets is ringing in to an expected $200 million. 

5. Eminem — net worth: $230 million

Still one of the best-selling rappers, Eminem has an impressive net worth of about $230 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His earnings come from his albums, his record label Shady Records and his random acting here and there.

4. Dr. Dre — net worth: $820 million

Let's face it, we as a whole realize that he's making the vast majority of his dollars from Beats Electronics, the organization he helped to establish and offered right to Apple for $3 billion in real money and stock. The rapper right now has an expected total assets of $820 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. 


3. Sean Combs — net worth: $885 million

Sean Combs, also called Diddy or P. Diddy, has an expected total assets of $885 million, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth. He once held the title of the world's most extravagant rapper as the capable artist creates a great deal of his dollars from his attire line and stakes in organizations like Cîroc Vodka, Revolt TV and Aquahydrate. 

2. Jay-Z — net worth: $1 billion

Bumped from the top of the list, Jay Z is half of a celebrity power couple and currently has an estimated net worth of $1 billion as of 2021, according to Wealthy Gorilla and forbes. This rapper was the first billionaire in the hip hop industry, in addition to being a legendary artist. He's business savvy and life is long — so we have no doubts he may climb his way back to the top of the richest rappers in the world once again.

1. Kanye West — net worth: $1.3 billion

And the biggest pile of money goes to Kanye West. This 'Flashing Lights' rapper is currently the richest rapper in the world with a net worth hovering around the $1.3 billion mark, according to Forbes. West grows his dollars through record sales, his own fashion and record labels and stakes in Tidal. Fingers crossed he can make his marriage to Kim Kardashian last. After all, they're on the rocks.

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