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Meet Philip Gbeho, the man who composed the Ghana anthem.

There are some people who have done great things for this country; there are those who fought for the country's independence(apart from the big six) there are those who rose to the top of their careers, such as physicians, engineers, teachers, and many other professions, to help Ghana get on the path to development so that the next generation can follow in their footsteps. However, the majority of these men are unknown and have been ignored as a result of their omission from history books.

But there is one man who Ghana will never forget because he gave us the song that will forever be identified with our great country. A song that every Ghanaian child and adult should learn and memorize because it defines our identity as people of this country. That man is Philip Comi Gbeho, ladies and gentlemen, and the reason he will be remembered is because he gave us our national anthem.

Philip Gbeho, as he is commonly called, was a music lover from a young age, having been born on January 14, 1904. He became a music teacher at Achimota College as a result of his passion for music. However, in 1948, he was awarded a scholarship to study music in the United Kingdom.

After finishing his studies, he returned to Ghana and began teaching music at the Achimota Secondary School, where he became a strong advocate for the inclusion of Ghanaian traditional music in educational studies.

Following Ghana's independence in 1957, the country's anthem, "God Save the Queen," had to be replaced. As a result, a competition was created for people to send an Anthem to be used to represent the country. There were several submissions, but Philip Gbeho's anthem was chosen, and his composition of the national anthem is still used and sung to represent our beloved country to this day.

Philip Gbeho died on 24 September 1976. And, ladies and gentlemen, let us never forget him, as he provided us with a wonderful song for our national anthem.

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