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Aftermath Of Wizkid And Burna boy's Grammy Success Hence Another Episode Of Ghana Versus Nigeria

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Welcome to Ghana where netizens hate the progression and succession of their own people and hypocritically criticize them when they fail knowing very well that they are the people behind their failure.

Another episode of Ghanaians criticizing their own artiste has started again just because their fellow Africans Wizkid and Burn boy have won Grammy awards, forgetting that these artistes only won because they got featured in the songs of one of the most prominent musician in the world in the person of Beyonce.

These African artistes we are currently praising and celebrating are Nigerians and the Nigerian population is seven (7) times bigger than the Ghanian population yet they go fully behind their entertainers just to push them forward to achieve their dreams.

The last time Burna boy's album African giant got nominated for a Grammy was he able to go home with any award? i mean did he win a Grammy? No! but not because his Nigerian people didn't rally behind him but rather he was there as a lone artiste unlike this time around that he was there with a certain Beyonce who featured him plus the support of his Nigerian people.

When Nigerian celebrities were busy promoting the songs Beyonce featured both Burna and Wizkid on social media and other platforms where were their Ghanaian counterparts? They were busy hypocritically also promoting the same songs the Nigerians were promoting forgetting that their own Shatta Wale was also featured in one of the Beyonce songs.

Or did you think that in terms of quality the songs in which there were Nigerian artiste on them were more quality than the one Shatta Wale was on with that same Beyonce? Emphatically no but just that we Ghanaians neglected him because he is Shatta Wale the stubborn one.

And in terms of international collaborations the Original track which Stonebwoy featured Sean Paul is a top top piece in the music world but hey how many Ghanaians realized this and promoted it for 1Gad? none.

Another big project is when Sarkodie featured Ace Hood on his new guy song how many Ghanaians marketed it for him to help him win a Grammy? None.

And Do you think King Sark wouldn't have been referred to as the best rapper in world if he was an American or European?

In Africa, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale are the best by far in their respective genres as far as quality tracks are concerned. No African artiste comes close to these monsters but we neglect them and go for expatriates just because we don't want them to progress and leave them to do the promotion on their own.

What we know is; King Sark is stingy, 1Gad is stingy, this musician is stingy just because they didn't pay attention to your dubious act. Have you worked for them and they refused you your wage? Ghanaians.

Do you think when you go to Nigeria and they tell you they don't know any Ghanaian musician is really the case there? Or our artistes don't produce quality tracks? It will interest you to know that these Nigerian artistes you are celebrating day in day out are imitating their Ghanaian colleagues because we are better in music than them.

But because Nigerians want their artistes to be better than us and recognized worldwide they neglect our artistes and deny any knowledge about them when quized.

And now a person like Akuapem polo is also there criticizing Ghanaian musicians just for attention. The simple question i want to ask her is that, when she became close to Cardi B which of the Ghanaian artiste did she recommend for her to feature in a song?

Now to my Ghanaian artistes keep on with your good efforts and i know one day it will come to a time where your good works will be recognized and no one can deny that.

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