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Find out the meaning of the seven tattoos on Regina Daniels’ body

Regina Daniels has seven distinct tattoos, and only the most observant fans can tell you where they are on her body and what they say.

Regina Daniels has used tattoos to express some of her personal styles, and each of the seven tattoos on her body has a story to tell. 

After being inspired by her pal, Sammy West, the beautiful actress has acquired tattoos in the last ten years.

Here's a rundown of her most recent tattoos, along with the stories behind them.

1) Forever 16 ∞

Regina Daniels' first tattoo was a phrase that read, "Forever 16" with an infinity symbol. Daniels needs to feel for the rest of her life, according to the phrase with the tag. The tattoo is positioned just above her cleavage.

2) Heartbeat rate

Regina Daniels is the first in a long line of tattoo enthusiasts to have the Heartbeat tattoo. Her right wrist is adorned with a tattoo. The EKG line tattoo is another name for the heartbeat tattoo. The tattoo resembles the wavy lines that form as a person's heart beats. The tattoo may have a variety of meanings, such as remembrance of a loved one or celebration of something extraordinary.

3) Nautical Star

Regina Daniels has a large Nautical star tattooed on her right arm. The tattoo is most visible on the famous actress's body. The nautical star is made up of five stars, each with a black and white side.

4) Princess on the right arm

The word Princess is inked just below the Nautical star on Regina Daniels' right arm. It's easier to suggest the actress refers to herself as the'Star Princess' when the two terms are combined.

5) Heart shape

Regina Daniels has a slight heart shape on her right cleavage. The black heart form takes up a small amount of room and is easily overlooked. One of the actress's most recent tattoos is a black heart shape.

6) A small cross

Regina's right collarbone has a tiny, fine cross tattooed on it, committed to her faith in God. Regina is said to be able to cover the inking with jewelry if she wishes to keep it hidden. Rihanna's collarbone tattoo is similar to this one.

7) Butterfly

A black-colored butterfly flies to Regina Daniels' left. The tattoo is positioned just behind her shoulder. When Regina sees an off-shoulder dress or suit, the tiny butterfly is unmistakable.

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