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Enjoy Your Day With This Funny Article


Aliny met kweku crying at the entrance of the hospital they started to have a conversation.

Aliny: why are you crying?

Kwaku: I came for a blood test and they cut my finger for it.

Suddenly Aliny started crying.

Kwaku: (wipes his tears) Aliny, why are you crying?

Alani: I came here for a urine test.


Teacher: go home and find three new words or phrases and bring them to class tomorrow.

Ayawa goes home and asks his mother while she is on the phone.

Ayawa: Mum, my class teacher gave me an assignment to find three new words or phrases. Can you please help me?

Mum: (feeling irritated) shut up!

Ayawa: Thanks mum.

Ayawa passes by the living room when he hears his Big brother shout "Superman"!

He takes it as his second work.

During the evening he passes in front of a restaurant then he hears a waiter say "ladies first" he takes it as his third word or phrase.

Ayawa goes to school the next day and his teacher asks what his words or phrases were.

Ayawa: Shut up!

Teacher: who do you think you are ?

Ayawa: Superman!

Teacher: Let's go to the headmaster's office now!

Ayawa: ladies first.


Teacher: This note from your father looks very much like your handwriting.

Alani: he borrowed my pen to write.

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