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Check out the world's first Transparent Glass TV. See manufacturer and price. Photos.

The Chinese electronics company Xiaomi unveiled its see-through television or glass television called the Mi TV LUX, which displays images that appear to be "floating in the air" and doubles as the first ever mass produced transparent Television in world in August 2020.

The Mi TV LUX uses transparent technology known as an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) to offer an edge-to-edge transparent display, leaving what appears to be a glass screen, allowing viewers to see through to the other side.

Traditional TVs use ordinary LEDs to light an LCD. However, the pixels of an OLED TV is self-illuminating, and backlighting isn’t necessary. Therefore, while conventional TVs require a back panel to hold their processing units, the MI TV LUX does not; allowing the designers to integrate these elements into its base stand.

The TV has an ultra-thin width of around 5.7 millimeters and its rectangular screen measures at 55 inches. Impressively, the screen can display over 1 billion color combinations. Its cylinder base stand, which resembles “compact discs,” is designed to blend into a variety of surroundings.

The TV also has a custom-made MediaTek 9650 TV chip and comes with an “AI Master Smart Engine,” with over 20 optimization algorithms that intelligently refine graphic resolution to create vibrant pictures.

Photo credit, Xiaomi.

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