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I Had To Bury A Black Cow Alive: Spiritualist Reveals Hot Secret About Death Of Top Female Musician

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The recent circulating video and photos that has sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms is that of a popular spiritualist who has boldly revealed how a top female musician lost her life in Ghana.

The popularly known spiritual teacher, King Migah recently took the privilege to reveal how a top female musician who he claimed was his best friend died after refusing to heed to his advice even though he provided a spiritual solution to prevent her death.

Speaking in a recent interview with host, Arnold, King Migah took the privilege to reveal another hot secret behind the death of a top female musician in Ghana even though he didn’t reveal her name.

According to the popular spiritualist, the top female musician’s death could have been prevented but she decided to listen to her pastor advice without seeking spiritual help.

“A musician in Ghana; I don’t want to mention her name. Before she died, I told her that, ‘you’re going to die’. She was my friend. I told her that, they’ve sent a medicine to kill her in the spiritual realm. I told her we were going to get a black cow and bury the cow alive. That was the direction I saw because I saw that, they’ll kill her in the spirit. I told her that, she was going to travel and she will die. She didn’t mind me and she went and told her pastor that a friend told her that, she would die when she travels. Her pastor told her to forget about me but she should donate to an orphanage home. I told her that straight in the face that, she will die. I wasn’t surprised when I heard she was dead but I was hurt because I told her that she’ll die but she didn’t mind me”, King Migah emphatically revealed.

Which Ghanaian musician do you think the spiritual teacher, King Migah was referring to considering the unexpected deaths of top female musicians over the past couple of years?

Let’s know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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