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DATE RUSH: Platonic Feelings When You Finally Get Your Crush

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Date Rush Season 5,episode 2. Last night show was too hot herr!! Watching the show, one can say all the guys are really serious for a date. Here are the guys on the show : Nhyiraba, Jophiel, Fareed, Nana Kwame, Prince, Rockson, Philip, Desmond, Sebastien, and Grandpa. 

Question for the night. Why do guys hit and run? You know what it means right!!

Their answers were very clear, they said, you fall in love with a lady and later found out she is something else, you fall in love with a lady and she always want to be chatting you or be on call with you, on the serious note some ladies have "BO" hmm!! 

Norah a teacher, a part time worker with insurance company and a make-up artist as well. She came on stage with he platonic dance. After her first profile video, 2 rushes went off remain 8 on, more hope!!

After her second profile video, another 1 rush went off remaining 7 on. That is cool!! 

After her third final profile video, 3 guys put off their rush, remaining 4 on, Sebastien, Nana kwame, Prince and Rockson, 

During her final profile video, her spokesperson said she doesn't like sex, that have some way affected her previous relationship, but she has turned a new leaf. That was when Philip said, he put off his rush because sex mean a lot to him, so he not convinced if indeed the lady has changed. 

Back to the rushes that are on... She has to put off 2 rushes out of 4.

she put off Sebastien and Nana Kwame rush leaving Prince and Rockson. To Prince and Rockson she put out her question. "We spent two years together, what if your family disagree with our marriage, what would you do? I can see ladies are very serious about this question paaa!! 

Answers from the two gentlemen, Rockson said, he is marrying her and not his family, they are good to go... Prince on the other hand said he would talk to his family to amend things. With her sexy dancing forth and back, she put off Rockson's rush and went for Prince a Nigerian guy. Finally she found a date!! 

These are the real feelings when you finally meet your crush...

You can watch Video..

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