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Divorce Affair

The Reason Why Men Divorce Their First Wives- A Celebrity Divorce as Case study

Divorce is sadly not a new phenomenon in our time and probably will continue till there ceases to be time. Just recently Lil wayne a popular Kumawood actor was in the news for divorcing his first wife and hitching up with a new woman. The story line is always almost the same; a woman is married by a man who has very little or no commercial value. The man gets a big break in life and some years later can command resources enough to change anything he wants in his life. The first thing he changes is his wife who stood by him in the time when he had nothing. Arm-chair critics like me will sit down and give their verdict on who is to blame for the divorce and usually the men is upended with some unprintable words.

What is the apparent reason for the divorce of Lil wayne and his wife? One school of thought is of the opinion that the woman was found to be unfaithful. As damning as this might sound, the counter-claim by the woman is also enlightening: the husband had ceased to perform his duties as a husband at night or whatever time those duties ought to be performed. To be fair to both parties in this marriage, a lot of things go into a divorce and usually they are not mentioned as the headline sponsors of the divorce.

But why do men like divorcing their first wives who helped them through the hard times? No matter the list of things that could be mentioned as culprits for the divorce, it is gut wrenching to find a man divorce his first wife over frivolous or not so frivolous issues. If issues are analyzed properly, the root cause of all divorces will be categorized into two cause depending on the gender of the partner forcing for the divorce. If it is a man who is filing for divorce, the main issue is because his wife does not respect him. If its a woman filing for divorce its because the man does not love him any more. Bear in mind that all the excuses that will be given will most of the time not include these two culprits of reasons but others that upon close analysis will fall into these two reasons.

This still does not explain why a man will divorce his wife he has worked hard with to build an empire. From a man's perspective, when they start out in life with nothing, the woman who was there saw everything they did. Then fame and money comes in (which ever comes first is not important), and he is treated with a lot of respect and honour outside of his home. But every time he gets home, the wife sees the same man who she married: without nothing. So she treats him the same way or sometimes with disdain at why the world is worshipping her husband. The perception of being loved for a woman is an aphrodisiac but so is respect for a man. If you respect a man, it is a huge turn-on for him. He probably will do 1000m marathon gymnastics for you in the bedroom. Without it, he will shrivel and will want nothing to do with you in the bedroom. So I am tempted to say that I believe both reports from the Lil Wayne and his former wife.

What lessons can women who marry unestablished men learn from this? Simple, most men's appetite for respect grows as their purses and fame get fat. Always remember to be the first person to give him the respect he desperately craves for especially when his bank account is growing. If you treat him as that man you married who had nothing, then be ready to forfeit all your toil and effort to another who invested nothing but to pretend to respect your husband. Keep in mind that whenever a man goes in for a new wife or a younger woman, it is not about the beauty, but it is about that woman bowing down to show respect to your husband. Do that to your husband and wherever he goes, he will always come back to you!

I appreciate your comments, likes and shares. Thank you for reading my thoughts on this matter.

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