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Ghanaians hail Delay over Delay -Afia Schwar beef- Afia is jealous, waiting for Tornado to reply

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Readers can reminisce how Afia and Delay have not been on the best of terms after Afia worked on Delay's TV series dubbed "Afia Schwazzenagar''.

One popular TV celebrity, Tornado, used to be part of the series but he also fell out of the friendship with "Afia Schwar '.

Recently, Delay made a comment on her show that her hater's brain was as small as Shatta bundle's shoes. Afia Schwar seemed to have felt hit by the jab and wrote a post that seemed to reply to Delay. Afia actually asked why she should be attacked in the first place and referred to Delay as barren.

Many social media users have reacted to the ongoing beef with some asking why Afia would use such words against her former boss. Some are of the view that they are waiting for Tornado to make a statement on what Afia posted. Many Ghanaians have expressed their support for Delay with some saying that "I am for Team Delay' and others praising Delay for her discipline and composure. For example, One Solomon Kwesi Mike mentioned that he perceives Delay as a Celebrity due to her humility, unlike Afia Schwar. Well, these key public figures are popular and we can only hope that they settle their differences amicably.

Do you think there is any need for Delay to respond to Afia's Recent jab? Can this beef be resolved? How do you perceive this beef? Do you think there is any need for Tornado to hit back at Afia for how she jabbed Delay and referred to her boss as her ex? Do you think Afia was really referring to Delay?

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