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I Was Set Up By Chris Waddle - Show Boy

Samuel Kwabena Safo Junior popularly known as Showboy is a Ghanaian-American rapper, a singer, Producer, dancer, entrepreneur, and a promoter, a lot of quality in one person. Showboy is a fashion lawd and founder of the popular group "AMG Business" and also the CEO of 2Hype Gang and Showboy TV. 

Show boy was imprisoned because he stabbed a fellow crew member as a result of a serious fight that ensued between them.

After being in prison for sometime now, show boy is out with a campaign that has been tagged "Free Show". With this campaign, he claims to be innocent and that he only stabbed the guy out of self defense because it was a matter of life and death, so he was only protecting himself and that he was set up by his crew members and Criss waddle who is also a famous musician in Ghana is the master mind behind the whole thing.

He has taken to his Facebook page to accuse Criss waddle of setting him up.

He wrote "Criss waddle sent junior to my house and they set me up. My life hasn't been the same since then. I saved the date and have never forgotten that day. You can read the statement and see the lies they told the police, they came to court and denied everything and said they were scared of me. The told the court am a Gangster and the prosecutor told me I got a huge ego and that I could call a shot, i was simply profiled. If not for criss waddle sending junior to me to come and pay me money he criss waddle owed me, then all this never was going to happen. Junior was never my friend, he was criss waddles friend that hated on me out of jealousy.

I was set up by criss waddle and his friends, that the facts, I still haven't gotten a visit from criss waddle till today and I haven't seen him in years. Been doing time for a long while now but am still depressed and still suffering mentally. I am not innocent ,I was attacked first and I defended myself by stabbing, I don't have control over my adrenaline, I did whatever I could to survive at that moment. They Set me up, took my freedom from me, you can ask why I am mentally unstable, this is because I don't have any friend, nobody to trust. Just fake love all around me"

He keeps jabbing everyone around him and describes all of them as fake people.

He keeps on with his campaign that has been tagged "#Free Show Boy" hoping to get a reduced jail sentence or be released from prison before his jail sentence is over.

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