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Just found the secrets about the top three Ghanaian musicians with the highest YouTube subscribers.

YouTube is a renowned channel for trading quality creative content . There are many musicians on YouTube and some make as much as 60,000ghs per month.

I took some time off my busy schedule to check the content and volume of subscribers of our Ghanaian musicians and it is amazing that for a country with 30million people, some new musicians had clocked more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Ghanaian Musicians are doing their best but there is still more room for improvement. Whilst Yaw Tog had more than 160,000 subscribers, one of my favourite musicians , Bro. Sammy had about 14, 000 subscribers and Samini had more than 70,000 subscribers. Life is not a race but Ghanaians must support their own. Ghanaians must support by subscribing to our own .

Most Nigerian musicians had almost twice that of the top Ghanaian musicians. For example, Davido led in Nigeria by 2.83million subscribers whilst Burna Boy was second with 2.32million subscribers and WizKid was third placed with 2.23 million subscribers. That is great work! Well, per my research , no Ghanaian musician met even 1 million subscribers yet . I found out the highest viewed song was Sarkodie- Castro's Adonai. This song had more than 84 million views whilst Davido's 'fall' had more than 220 million views . The figures were surprising as Shatta featuring Militant's 'taking over' had more than 16million views .

The huge question is who are the top 3 Ghanaian musicians on You tube per my research . The number one has been far more than underestimated:

No. 3. Stonebuoy

Stonebuoy is a renowned dance hall artiste who blends great videos with great audios . He came third with 562,000 subscribers. His music with Davido Activate seems to be his best viewed music with 8.8million views and this is very recent and applaudable.

No.2 is Shattawale

Shattawale is a very popular dance hall artiste who recently filled the 40,000 capacity stadium . He has 798,000subscribers and his most viewed music is "taking over '' featuring the militants . This song had more than 16 million views and it actually took over but in more than two years ago. I am sure some hit songs are on the way .

No 1. Sarkodie-

I was surprised to discover that Sarkodie is the most under hyped artiste yet the most known Ghanaian artiste world wide. My research made me tag Sarkodie as the Mineral or gold or diamond of the country considering his feats of 821,000 subscribers. I asked what strategies he put together to gather such huge number of subscribers and realised his music with Castro ,Adonai was his climax with more than 84million views. Sarkodie seems to be the senior in the game . The secret to huge number of subscribers is linked to the ability to attract more views . Atleast out of every 100 views , one person is likely to subscribe. This means , Ghanaian musicians should do more great videos and most importantly , nice songs with understandable story lines. By so doing , the viewers will subscribe and enjoy more content . This will translate to more money for our Musicians.

Our Ghanaian Musicians must not lose focus but produce more hit tracks with nice videos and they are good to reach the top .

In Brief, the secrets about the top three Ghanaian musicians with the highest YouTube subscribers are ;

1. All three are hardworking and very focused on their music . These three are consistently and constantly improving on their career . In other words , they are always working to refine their music, videos and stage performances.

2. All three have a huge fan base. Sarkodie leads the Sarknatives , Shatta Wale leads the SM Movement and Stonebuoy leads the BHIM Nation. These fan camps will readily view their songs and subscribe due to the solid admiration for their leaders.

3. Finally, all three are very popular . They are interested in showbiz and this comes with doing more shows to become popular whilst making the business or more money.

With God's Grace and Hardwork , our Ghanaian musicians will make more achievements world wide. I wish all of them the very best in their endeavours.

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Content created and supplied by: JUKELAFRICA (via Opera News )

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