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And Opera News Hub Came to My Rescue: My Super Story

I have always felt like a wannabe journalist or should I say writer? Well, in view of that I have always used the least opportunity to pen down whatever of interest I see around me or make written submissions to express my views on one thing or another.

Discovering the Opera News Hub was like a fresh breath to to my longing soul. The idea that I get the opportunity to share my thoughts on issues and in the same vein get others to react to them to me is a beautiful experience. Even more refreshing is the fact that I don't have to pay anything to access it and on top of that, I get to be paid something little for experimenting with my passion.

So far two of my articles have been rejected and I must say I felt pretty disappointed but then it was quite a good lesson for me. The first instance was a problem with the framing of my title which was incongruous with my content and the second instance was a reaction to a trending news which I failed to read carefully thus my opinion appeared as though it were a false news. This unfortunately has resulted in my being banned temporarily on political content news. I hope my 'sins' can quickly be forgiven though.

I used to return from work to waste the rest of the day till morning when I get to go back to work but ever since this discovery, my evenings have become more productive as I plan, write, review and proofread my articles. Again, I have become more avid consumer of news item, with the view that I am able to gather more news as well as perspectives on the news in order to come up with a more objective pieces.

Thank you definitely is in order and I must say I am super grateful for this opportunity. It is my hope that through this I get to sharpen my writing skills and be able to deliver better content, more accurate and super relevant news content. You may not be aware of the many lives your stipend for articles written is saving out there but I can telling you that you are doing a great job so keep at.

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