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The story of how Ewes migrated to their present location

The Ewe people were under the rule of mythical King Agokorli in Notsie, a town in present Togo. He ruled the Ewe people with an iron fist and had any person who spoke against him put on trial and unavoidably found guilty, which meant a death sentence. When the Ewe people decided they did not want to suffer under his rule anymore, they sought a very famous and powerful hunter known as Togbe Tsali. Togbe Tsali agreed to hear their pleas.

According to history, during one festive holiday, Togbe Tsali enchanted the drums to put all the royals and Togbe Agorkoli to sleep. He then summoned the people to pass through a crevice made in a thick mud wall, resulting in the Ewe people's freedom from Notsie. While escaping, Togbe Tsali convinced the people to walk backwards, in order to confuse their pursuers.

After the exodus, the Ewes were led by a wise man called Torgbui Ewenya. The word Ewe was taken from their formal leader Torgbui Ewenya.

This is how Ewes migrated to their present location. Don't forget to follow my page to know more about your history.

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