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The General’s Daughter Written Update, Episode 98 for Tonight, Friday 26th February, 2021

We begin tonight's episode with Rhian and Amelia's conversation.

Amelia gives Tiago's iPad to Rhian, she manages to unlock it but Tiago is coming there, Amelia tells Rhian that Tiago is coming.

Rhian leaves the room through the windows, Tiago comes in and ask Amelia where Rhian is.

She says Rhian must be somewhere in the house, Just then Rhian comes into the room through the door.

Tiago tells her to be ready because she has a mission to fulfill tomorrow. Rhian asks what mission but Tiago says it's a surprise and she have to prepare.

In a different scene.

Tiago's men arrives somewhere, the security guard checks their items. Tiago watch on his laptop.

In a different scene.

Corazon meets one of the organizers for the upcoming summit. The congress woman comes there, the organizer tells Corazon that she will be working alongside with another caterer.

Their conversation continues.

In a different scene.

The congress woman is playing her CINCO role, she asks the guy in the CCTV room. she tells the guy to control the cameras so that she wouldn't be seen in the building. She arranges the bombs at the preferred locations in the building, Tiago watch on his laptop at home and he is happy. He shouts LET THE FIRE WORK BEGIN.

In a different scene. ( it's morning)

Tiago and Rhain comes to a town park, Tiago asks her to take a certain bag to the middle of the park, Rhain asks him what's in the bag and he says there is no need for her to know and all she has to do is to do as he says.

He gives Rhain a phone and tell her maybe he might call her, Rhian gets down from the car and walks towards the town park with the bag.

Rhian calls Marcial and Franco, she tells them that Tiago has ask her to send a bag to the middle of the park but she don't know what's inside but she believes it's a bomb.

Marcial and Tiago asks her to wait for them there.

They end the call. 

Rhian comes the washroom, she opens the bag and it's full of toys including toy cars and guns.

Tiago calls Rhian and asks her if she is done and she say she is on her way there. They end the call.

Rhian reach the middle of the park, she sees lots of kids playing around.

Marcial and Franco also comes to the park, Tiago sees them and says to himself that Rhain is so predictable and he knew she was just faking her memory lost. He calls the police and informs them that a woman in the middle of the park and she looks so suspicious.

Back to Rhain.

She sees someone ( man) dropping some bag, the man leaves she opens the bag and she is shocked to see a bomb.

Tiago calls his man who is spying on Rhian, he tells him to alert those around and to get out from there.

The man shouts telling everyone to leave from there because there is a bomb and Rhain is a terrorist.

The people starts screaming and running here and there.

Tiago activates the bomb and he leaves from there, Rhian is still shocked.

In a different scene.

The media asks the congress woman their preparations towards the upcoming peace summit.

Back to the Rhain and the bomb.

She calls Marcial on phone and informs him about the bomb saying Tiago set her up, it's left with 30 seconds for the bomb to explode, Marcail asks her to cut the 3rd red wire and she did but still the bomb is still active and it's left with only 10 seconds.

Marcial asks her to cut the yellow wire if there is any, she close her eyes whiles she cut the wire, 9 seconds, 8 seconds, 7 seconds, 6, 5, 4,then 3 Booom the bomb is finally deactivated.

Rhian joins Marcial and Franco and they leave from there.

Tiago comes home.

He is dancing, Amelia asks him why he is happy and he says he has outsmart Rhain once again.

Amelia asks him then what are they waiting there for. She asks Tiago if he has plan something at the summit, Tiago says NO.

Tiago tells Amelia to watch through the window because the view is clear from there.

In a different scene.

The congress woman is inside the venue, she is about to talk to her men but Corazon interrupts.

Back to Tiago and Amelia.

She tells him that all she want is a happy family, Tiago says NO, not just a family but he will also give her the whole country.

Tiago calls CINCO, she excuses herself and attends to Tiago's call, Corazon spy on her.

They ( Tiago and Cinco) talks about how to execute their plans.

In a different scene.

Team Rhian is in car, they talks about Tiago and they believe he is up to something else.

Rhian calls Amelia and Amelia tells her about the 5 bombs planted at the venue for the summit.

Tiago comes there and she ends the call, he asks Amelia whom she was talking to and Amelia says no one, he takes her phone and calls the number.

Rhian answers, Tiago hears her voice and ends the call.

He drop the phone and slaps Amelia for stabbing him at his back.

Tiago is furious, Amelia tells him that what he has done is enough and is time he stops what he is doing, Tiago says he won't stop and he won't die because he will make sure all his enemies die before him.

He orders one of his men to take care of Amelia because she is a traitor.

In a different scene.

Rhian tells Ethan on phone about the congress woman.

At the military.

Mulan presents a CCTV footage of Rhian behind the bomb at the town park, Maximiliano asks Etahn to see it. He checks it and says the bomb was deactivated by Rhian and why would she deactivate it if she wanted to blow that place.

Maximiliano asks Ethan why he is defending Rhain, he asks him if not Rhain then whom should we investigate.

Ethan says Senator Santa Ana.

Maximiliano says are you stupid, why should we investigate the Senate president.

Ethan looks on.

Talking about the congress woman, she enters the storage room ( at the summit venue), Corazon follows her.

Back to the military.

Maximiliano does his bla bla talks again, both Jessie and Mulan says there are no evidence connecting the congress woman to Tiago.

Maximiliano forbid Ethan from investigating the congress woman, he says that the country is not safe as far as Tiago and Rhain are still walking free.

Ethan says YES SIR.

Back to Corazon following the congress woman.

Marcial calls Corazon on phone, she asks him where he is because she just saw the congress woman entering the storage room,

Marcial tells her that they are on their way.

Corazon asks them how will they enter the venue because the military are everywhere, Marcial tells her that they will use the catering services to enter.

They end the call

Guests arrives at the venue.

Tiago watches through his windows. 

Jessie tells Mulan to be alert, Mulan asks her if what Ethan said about the congress woman is true, Jessie says their priorities are to make sure that the Summit goes on successfully.

The catering car arrives through the back door. Ivan introduces himself and the rest of the caterers, he says they work for Corazon's catering services and he shows his ID to the officer, he allow them to enter.

Inside the venue. 

Corazon informs, Ethan, Jessie and Claire That Tiago has planted 5 bombs in the venue.

Etahn goes to monitor the congress woman but Maximiliano tells him that he is needed downstairs.

The summit has begin.

The president gives his introduction and welcome speech, Tiago watch on TV.

He laughs and says well done Mr president but your time is up.

In a different scene.

Maximiliano is furious after Ethan and Jessie informs him about the bomb, he doubts it but he ordered them to stay alert and confirm if there are bombs inside.

Team Rhian are inside the venue, and they starts their search for the bombs.

The military are also searching for the bombs.

Someone tells the president that they need to leave the building, all the guests start leaving the building.

CINCO looks on.

Maximiliano asks Ethan how Corazon comes to learn about the bombs, he tells him that Marcial tell her.

Maximiliano tells Ethan and Jessie to see him when they go back to the camp.

The congress woman calls Tiago and infom him that the guest has come to to know about the bombs and they are leaving the building, Tiago asks her to do something even if she has to activate the bombs. 

Tiago sees people leaving the venue and he gets furious. 

With help of Dog, the military has found 1 of the bomb, Marcial also sees another 1 and a cleaner also sees 1 and he informs Ethan about it.

Rhain also sees 1, other soldier also see 1 .

The bombs has been activated. 

The soldiers manages to deactivate 2, Etahn on the other hand also manages to deactivate 1, Marcial also deactivates 1.

Rhain on the other hand tries to call Marcial and Franco but they are not responding.

She remembers Marcial telling her how to deactivate bombs by cutting the yellow wire, She cuts the yellow wire and it deactivates.

Tiago watch the bombs going off on his iPad, he gets furious and drops the iPad, he shouts Nooooooooooooooo. And there is where we end tonight's episode of General ba baa.

IN MONDAY EPISODE. ( which is the final mission)

CINCO dies.

Corazon is kidnapped yet once again, Rhian goes to rescue her mother.

Rhain chases Tiago. 

Well, we have 1 more episodes to go.

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