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Could this be the reason why artists find it difficult to make it As Sapashini said?

Sapashini is a Ghanaian artist who base in the Northeast sector of Ghana. Sapashini the Awuuii Nation king who is know Nationally for making a lot of hits in Northern entertainment has took it to Facebook to address the challenges his going through in the music industry. He started by telling his fans the truth state of his team and the bigger challenge that is delaying his release of new projects. He emphasize on financing as the major cause of delay and he stress on not having a reliable financial sponsor ( record label). He therefore encourage the fans to support not only yooyooo but to support digitally in streaming his songs on digital platforms and also view his videos and subscribe to his channel on YouTube. He explained that , this are the best ways he need the help of the fans. 

The Bana hit maker also stress that is not calling bases on phone to greet them daily that call for support but they should show him real love. He revealed a lot of bases download his songs on WhatsApp and they never pay for his program, all they do is they want sapashini perform in their programs for free. This isn't a help for an artist , he said. 

He Also stress on some fans trying hard to make him change his brand of wearing big clothes. He claim that is his way of branding himself . He stress that they should follow him for who he is and not what they think. 

He said a lot. To listen to him directly check it on Facebook direct here. Or better still watch on YouTube 👇👇👇

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