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Opinion: Collapse of Kumawood Movies who is to be Blamed, Agya Koo Blames Producers.

Some years ago a section of the Entertainment industry which uses to enjoy eyeballs and attention from the general public was the Kumasi Movies which is termed as Kumawood. The name Kumawood is a name of a production House in Kumasi owned by Sam Darkus, The movie house organized an awards scheme which awarded Movies made by Kumasi film makers, and from then all Kumasi Movies made in Kumasi are being referred to as Kumawood Movies. We all know in the early days of time, the Nigerian movies were very popular in Ghana almost all our television channels were showing them each and every day, the likes of Aki and Pawpaw, Mr. Ibu, OSofia, Peter Educhi and the the rest were very popular in Ghana due to how we are consuming their movies.

It took some directors like Samuel Nyamekye of Miracle films,Danfo Ba, Sam Darkus, Nyankonton production, Jackson K.Bentum and the others to help bring an end to the era of Nigerian movies in Ghana. They Used Agya Koo to conquer the Nigerian movie market in Ghana, in the early 2000's almost every movie from Kumasi had Agya Koo in it, Ghanaians came to accept and appreciate the effort of this movies makers but after a while Agya Koo was taken off from almost every Kumasi film, we saw the likes of Kwaku Manu, Salinko, Bill Asamoah, Sumsum, Akrobeto and Liliwin. Nana Ama Mc Brown, Emelia Brobbey, The late Bishop Bernard Nyarko, Christiana Awuni

After the introduction of these new faces the Kumawood industry was doing fine until recently everything has come to a stand still. The Kumawood movies is almost on the verge of collapsing a lot of questions people ask are, Who is to be blamed for the collapse of the movie industry. Agya Koo has also added his voice to these question According to Agya Koo his exclusion from the Kumawood movies contributed to the collapse. According to the ace actor, he stated that he was not treated fairly after all he did for the producers, and if they want the industry to bounce back they should begin to cast him.

Well in my opinion, a lot of viewers complained about the quality of some these Kumawood productions, in most cases some of the stories seemed one way and almost all of them were doing comedy movies, at a point in time every Character wanted to be funny hence ending up using words which doesn't correlate which the scene. Another point too was the editing and VFX, some of the editing were too low that it even annoys you something it looked unreal they can still bounce back if they take their time and produce quality and authentic Movies.

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